Wolverton, Thief of Impossible Objects

Wolverton Thief of Impossible Objects is a brand new Indie comic book in the style of Indiana Jones, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter.

Jack Wolverton is a gentleman thief who specialized in stealing magical items: The Monkey's paw, The Portrait of Dorian Gray and The Hope Diamond.

“This has that old school Hollywood feel to it and it just feels special … It maintains its cinematic feel and scope and displays as much imagination as the films of Spielberg and Lucas in their heyday.”

— Talking Pulp

"Swashbuckling done right! ... The comic reads like a grand play."

-- The Comic Vault

"Dauntless Durham-style cliffhangers enacted against cinematic vistas in a tale of a gentleman thief. Wit and style abound. Hopefully this will become a continuing saga. "

The Best Comics of 2017 List, The Comics Journal


"Beautifully rendered locations and rollicking action panels frame this stylish post Victorian escapade. Reminiscent of such movie greats as Errol Flynn, our droll hero is a thief... and WHAT A THIEF! Kudos, guys, you've brought the 'gentleman thief' back into vogue and with a vengeance!” 

 -- Emil Ferris, Author of My Favorite Things is Monsters


" This beautiful, action-packed book demonstrates the versatility of comic book storytelling."

-- Geek The News

“Wolverton #2 is a fun and stylish adventure that harkens back to an older era of both film and comic book. Jack Wolverton is a charming and dashing hero, and the art that renders him is damn good. This one gets a recommendation. Check it out.”

— Comicon


"Enter the realm of adventurers and draw a line from Indiana Jones to The Escapist. Good. Now go squarely in the middle and mark a big, fat X. That's the precise location where you'll find Wolverton, a fun, funny, raucous new comic. Just remember that X doesn't mark the end of this journey, but the beginning.”

-- Van Jensen, Writer for DC’s The Flash and Green Lantern Corps


"Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects #1 is a fun and energetic read.  Jack Wolverton is a charming protagonist, the premise is entertaining, and the art is fantastic.  I’m not sure how widely available the comic currently is, but, if you can find it, you should definitely support it."

-- Bleeding Cool

 "Fresh, funny and exciting. These are comic pages that insist on being turned.”

-- Michael Tisserand, author of Krazy: George Herriman, a Life in Black and White


"Only the épée is missing. Wolverton relies upon stealth, wit, and cunning, wise-cracking all the while. "

-- Word Comicbook Review


" This comic is begging for a movie or series.  9 out 10 stars."

-- Comic Watch


"Wolverton has the potential to be a great movie… my only regret is that my personal dream casting for the role will never happen. Throughout the book, I kept thinking that a young David Niven would have been spot on perfect."

-- The Pullbox

“Wolverton, Thief of Impossible Objects” #2 is a delightful homage to pulp narratives of old. There’s a lot at play here – the swashbuckling, the narration, the colors and even the panels themselves demonstrate a deep love of Gold and Silver Age comics…”

— Knowledgeable Cabbage


"Wolverton, Thief of Impossible Objects combines the best aspects of Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief, Hellblazer and Indiana Jones, if all three starred Errol Flynn."

-- The Chico Comics Page


"Wolverton – Thief of Impossible Objects is a loving throwback to the days of pithy one liners and plucky adventurers overcoming adversity through quick wits, and occasionally quicker fists."

-- Pipedream Comics, UK


"Nostalgic, ingenious and smacking with humor, Wolverton is a thrilling new take on the whimsical classics of the past."

-- Super Serious Comics


"Stark and Garrett’s story is excellent. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s engaging, and the action is great. Wolverton’s an enjoyable protagonist, and eldritch Victoriana is always an enjoyable concept to hang a story around. Stark and Garrett are clearly enjoying the writing process a lot, and there’s a great deal of creative energy coming from this team."

-- Comic Bastards


"I'm looking forward to seeing the further adventures of Jack Wolverton, in whatever medium they might appear. "

-- Horror Talk


 "Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects #1 is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone interested in adventure stories -- like Indiana Jones, but more criminal. "

-- A Place To Hang Your Cape


"If you are a fan of mystery, history, with a bit of sci-fi mixed in, then you should enjoy the series."

-- Rogue's Portal


“This is an amazingly good story with some truly gifted interior artwork. It engages the reader and transports them back to a time when people dressed to leave the house, had good manners and liked to experience all the world has to offer. It is exciting for all the right reasons and I cannot recommend that you support this enough!“

— Reading With A Flight Ring

"All in all, I want to read more of it. I want to understand where Wolverton came from, why is he chasing these treasures and where will these adventures lead him."

-- Lodix Reviews


"Issue 2 honestly can’t come fast enough."

-- The Happy Haven Podcast

"I look forward to seeing what happens next in this comic."

-- IndieComix