Wolverton, Thief of Impossible Objects

Wolverton Thief of Impossible Objects is a brand new Indie comic book in the style of Indiana Jones, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter.

Jack Wolverton is a gentleman thief who specialized in stealing magical items: The Monkey's paw, The Portrait of Dorian Gray and The Hope Diamond.

"We are the Sherlock Holmes English Speaking Vernacular.
God save Fu Manchu, Moriarty and Dracula ."

-- The Village Green Preservation Society


In turn of the century London, Jack Wolverton, gentleman thief, specializes in stealing the arcane, the accursed and the occultic. With war about to break out, only he can stop the world’s most powerful artifacts (The Monkey’s Paw, The Hope Diamond and the Portrait of Dorian Gray) from falling into the wrong hands!

Wolverton tailor2.jpg

Wolverton started as an original screenplay by Michael Stark and Terrell T. Garrett. After the script went wide and attracted the attention of some major Hollywood players, the project spiraled down Dante-style into Development Hell. The sparking dialogue and insane action sequences were a director's wet dream, but the studio bean counters just couldn't see making a 100 million dollar movie based on an original idea.  "If only it was a comic book first." they said!

So, we hired artist, Derek Rodenbeck, to make it "a comic book first."

In reverse engineering the screenplay into a comic book, we found ourselves well ahead of the game. The 6 book arc is already written. We've completed the world building and back stories for an entire rogue's gallery of supporting characters. We even have the Saturday morning cartoon and breakfast cereal planned.

Oh, yeah, and the screenplay is already -- ahem -- written!

Look, we don't want to bite the hand we want to eventually feed us, but after doing countless free options and rewrites (the "New Normal") for some pretty famous producers, why can't we dream about pouring Patrón over the paper cuts we've wished upon them.

UPDATE: The book arrived in our hot, little hands in early September, just in time for Atlanta's Dragon Con. So, the book is ready for your perusal. Distrubitation to your local comic book store may take a few more months, so why not order off our website now?