Wolverton, Thief of Impossible Objects

Wolverton Thief of Impossible Objects is a brand new Indie comic book in the style of Indiana Jones, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter.

Jack Wolverton is a gentleman thief who specialized in stealing magical items: The Monkey's paw, The Portrait of Dorian Gray and The Hope Diamond.

Kickstarter For Wolverton, Thief of Impossible Objects Issue# 2 Has launched!

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When we last saw Jack Wolverton, he had just stolen the enchanted Monkey's Paw from an uncrackable safe, aboard a heavily guarded ship, in the middle of the blasted ocean, during the Storm of the Century!! One would think, after all that, nicking The Hope Diamond from the British Museum would be a Sunday Picnic.

Putting out a comic book isn't exactly a Sunday Picnic either. Honestly, we weren't so sure about soldiering on with this little labor of love, but, we couldn't ignore the near daily emails, imploring: WHERE'S ISSUE TWO???

Who are we to ignore such magnificent missives? So, let's do number two together  Errrrr, perhaps, we should rephrase that.

Have no fear, Patron of the Arts, we don't plan on waiting so long between issues. The 6 arc story is already written and we will Kickstart the next book in 2 to 3 months! Any funds over our goal will go towards Issue #3. And, so on and so on and so forth!

But, sadly, if we don't reach our goal, Wolverton 2 just won't happen without your assistance! We only have so many kidneys to hock for the cause. Help us bring this 28 page story to life!

In the next installment, oh good and faithful reader, you'll be introduced to gadget gadfly, H.G. Wells, learn more about the absolutely ancient order of The Golden Dawn, and lay your peepers on Inspector Munroe of Scotland Yard, Wolverton's romantic foil for the irresistible Isabelle's attention!

Wolverton Teams up With HeroBox to Send Comics to Our Heroes Serving Overseas!

HeroBox is an organization that supports deployed, injured, aging and homeless veterans. Our mission is to ensure that every American hero receives the physical and moral support they deserve.

As our artist, Derek, is a vet, we thought it was a great idea to share our super hero with some super heroes serving us overseas!

We donated a few hundred copies for troops overseas.  We hope to keep doing this moving forward.


Comic Book Tag Line Contest

First prize is a Nyet Prize. Second prize is two Nyet Prizes!


Here are a few we threw up the flagpole but didn't salute cause the flagpole was all greased up in some archaic practical joke!

Wolverton! -- A Noel Coward Hero in a Deadpool World!.

Wolverton! -- Good Manners Vs. Bad Mojo!.

Wolverton! -- It takes a Gentleman Thief!

Wolverton! -- Cause Who Wears a Cape after May?

Wolverton! -- Kicking Black Magic’s Ass with Panache!

Wolverton! -- Saving the World While Strictly Abiding By The Queensberry Rules!

Wolverton! -- Cause Magic Is Utterly Useless Without a Clipped British Accent!

Who in Hollywood Should Play Jack Wolverton?

Because Wolverton, Thief of Impossible objects started as an original screenplay, the first thing you'll notice is how cinematic it is -- from the over the top action sequences to the sparkling dialogue.

In our discussions with various producers, casting would always come up.

Now, this was a few years back, way before Legion and Beauty and the Beast.  Downton Abbey just came out and like most yanks, we fell instantly for Dan Stevens.  So, we kept dropping his name at meetings and the producers kept replying, "Who?"

"Just you wait." We'd say.


Jack Wolverton's Secret Diaries!

Michael, Terrell and Derek really appreciate you supporting our project, so we wanted to give you guys a tasty little lagniappe in return.

Once a week, we'll publish another excerpt from The Black Cat's Secret Journal. Found recently while renovations were done on the Tower of London! Learn the origin of Wolverton and why he's on a mission to rid the world of all that nasty magic! Who are the Golden Dawn? Why have they always hounded his family?

Special thanks to Andrew Hollister for gifting us with his rare book copying prowess.